Monday, June 13, 2011

Cape Reinga

Two weekends ago my friends and I went on our last weekend trip to Cape Reinga, the northern most tip of the North Island. After traveling throughout most of the country I have to say this was my favorite location. In Cape Reinga we rented a house on the beach, which turned out to be much nicer than we expected. We went sand boarding, to 90 mile beach and to the light house. Sand boarding turned out to be a lot more fun then we all imagined it would be. We rented boogie boards from a gas station down the road from the dunes and slid down the sand piles for about four hours straight! However, my favorite part was the light house. The light house in Cape Reinga is located where the Tasmanian Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. Sitting on the edged of the island looking out at the water that never seems to end was breath taking.
The past couple of weeks I have been concentrating heavily on studying for finals as they are worth 50-60% of my final grade. Although I have been studying excessively lately I did manage to go to my first rugby game last week. The blues, which is the Auckland team againstt he Cheifs. The Blues lost but it was still a fun experience. A few days ago we put the van up for sale. It’s hard to believe this trip is coming to an end. I’ve been trying not to think about saying goodbye to all the friends I’ve made here but the thought is constantly running through my mind. When I first got here I was so proud of myself for having the courage to leave my friends and family back home; I couldn’t imagine anything being more difficult. But as my time here is winding down I’m starting to believe that leaving this country which has taught me so much about my character and what life has to offer, will be even more of a challenge.