Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying the posts! This weekend I had a trip planned to go to The Bay of Islands but it got canceled last minute due to rain in the forecast. Instead, I spend Friday at Devonport, Saturday at the Auckland museum, and Sunday canyoning. Devonport was kind of boring. We were planning on going to Rangatoto but we missed the ferry by two minutes. Instead of waiting two more hours for the next ferry we decided to go to Devonport a small island right outside of Auckland. When we first got to the town we climbed Mount Victoria, a small mountain where the city skyline is clearly visible. As soon as we got down the mountain it started pouring rain. We spent the next hour of so sitting in a pub with our guide book for the east coast of Australia (Where the girls and I will be going in only 12 days!!!!!!). When the rain finally let up we headed back to town. That night we had a quiet movie night and made “family dinner”. On Saturday I spent most of the day writing a paper and catching up on some studying. Around four o’clock I headed down to the Auckland museum which is free and only about a 10 minute walk from Huia. My favorite part of the museum was the volcano exhibit. Sunday I went canyoning. By far this was my favorite part of the weekend. Canyoning is climbing, sliding, and jumping down waterfalls. I feel like the best way to describe canyoning is by looking at the pictures! Next weekend I don’t think I’ll be going on any trips so I can work on studying and assignments before the mid-semester break begins. For the first week of the mid-semester break Haley, Keri, Rafiella, and I are spending the first week driving down the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Sydney. From Sydney we are flying into Christchurch where the boys will pick us up to tour the south island of New Zealand for the second week. Hopefully the next time I post ill have some great stories and pictures!!!

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