Monday, September 20, 2010

"Did Grafton have a swine flu outbreak?"

Hi again!

...And I know you're all interested in knowing if, indeed there is an outbreak in my hall. Unfortunately its just a building-wide game of Assassins, where you 'kill' your target by putting a sticker on them, and every day of the week there is a different 'immunity' from being killed. Yesterday the immunity was to cover your nose and people went all out so not to die on the first day - scarves, masquerade masks, numerous surgical masks (why people though there was a epidemic going on in the building), fake beards, ties, you name it! Today's immunity, by the way, is doing Micheal Jackson's Thriller walk. So living here has been incredibly funny, and paranoia-filled at the same time. I'm not dead yet and I'm trying to keep it that way until after I kill my target. Muhaha.

So I got asked a question today that I've been getting asked all the time: Why New Zealand?
I suppose the answer is simple - If I didn't go to New Zealand to study abroad, I would have never came to this region of the world. Its one of the last places of the world to be 'found' by Europeans and colonized, so the culture is very much alive here; the history isn't buried in ruins and history textbooks, and I really like that. And besides, I've already been to Europe, Asia and South America. There were of course other factors in me coming to NZ - making sure my credits would transfer over, if it was safe, the currency exchange rate etc, but mostly, I wanted to go somewhere new and exciting, and here I am! =)

More to come soon,

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