Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The do's and don'ts that I've learned so far...

  • Go to the museum
  • Ask questions, generally people will have no problem answering them
  • Learn some Moari words...Kia ora!
  • Walk around Symonds St. With ‘Team Jacob’ written on your face (it was yesterday’s immunity); like so:
  • Call ‘sprinkles’, ‘hundreds and thousands’
  • Tell Bush jokes – it gives you a common ground to build upon.
  • Listen to some local music (Tangaroa by Tiki Taane)
  • Buy an umbrella...actually, buy rains here every day.
  • Watch ‘Boy’ and try to imitate the Kiwi accent
  • Start spelling ‘color and humor’ as ‘colour and humour’
  • Go to class and pass them


  • Say you love eating kiwis...people will think you’re a cannibal. Specify them as ‘kiwifruit’
  • Start telling NZ jokes before you make friends that understand your humour – you might offend people
  • Drive on the left hand side of the road
  • Do anything illegal, and get caught
  • Try to sue anyone, because you can’t sue in NZ
  • Get too comfortable...go exploring as often as you can
  • Wear white nail polish – people will think you put ‘twink’ on your nails. But do start calling white-out, twink
  • Leave your room without your camera and an umbrella (did I mention how rainy it is here?)
  • Eat Vegemite or its equally bitter half-sister, Marmite. It’s an acquired taste, and you will not acquire it in the short time you are in NZ

And I'll leave you to ponder about my next blog post...I will be!- Khushbu

(That is today's immunity by the way, and I have to do it singing the Eye of the Tiger haha)

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